Date: January 3

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Calendar Entry Rank Notes
Houghton Lat 133 Empty
Houghton Typ 731 Missing
Morgan Library MS W.29 Empty
Morgan Library MS M.1089 Empty
University of Missouri Rare Vault BX2080 .A2 1470z Missing
Free Library Lewis E 88 Missing
Galdiano RB 7 Empty
Morgan Library MS G.50 Missing
BNF Latin 1368 Empty
BM Rouen M 315 Missing
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat 32a Empty
Walters W.39 Empty
Houghton Lat 251 Empty
Bryn Mawr MS 27 Oct s' stephani Normal wrong date, 2nd
Houghton Typ 1000 anteros pp & martyre Normal
Bodleian Canonici Liturgical 277 Enofeve virg Unranked
Utopia Cod. 102 geneuiefue Normal
BNE Virt/23/10 Genouefe uirginis Unranked
Utopia Cod. 103 Genouefe virgini Normal
BNF NAL 3093 Genouefe virginis Unranked
Morgan Library MS M.729 Genouefe virginis Normal
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat. 367 Genouefe virginis Normal
Houghton Typ 614 Genouefe virgis Normal
Utopia Cod. 111 S geneuefue High
BPL MS q. Med 82 S geneuiefue High
BNE Vitr/24/3 S geneuiefue Normal
KB Thott 541 [quarto] S genouefe Normal
Free Library Lewis E 92 S' geneuieue Normal
Utopia Cod. 108 S'e geneuieue High
Free Library Lewis E 110 S'e geneuieue High
Houghton Lat 159 S. genevieve High
BNF Latin 18021 Saicte geneuiefue Normal
Vatican Saincte geneuiefue High
Mediatheque Orleans MS 777 Saincte geneuiefue Normal
Utopia Cod. 100 Saincte geneuieie High
BNF NAL 3055 Saincte geneuieue Normal
BNF Latin 1168 Saincte genevieve High
BNF Latin 1171 Saincte genieuefue Normal
BNF Latin 1158 Saint geneuieue High
BNF Latin 1156B Sainte geneiveve High
Morgan Library MS H.4 Sainte geneuiefue vierge Normal
Morgan Library MS S.9 Sainte geneuieue High
BNE Vitr/24/7 Sainte geneuieue High
Galdiano RB 6 Sainte geneuieue High
Bodleian Douce 62 Sainte geneuieue High
Utopia Cod. 101 sainte geneuieue Normal
British Library Egerton 1070 Sainte geneuieue High
Cleveland Art 1964.40 Sainte geneuieue High
Phil MOA 1945-65-12 Sainte geneuieue High
British Library Add MS 18850 Sainte geneveve High
Oberlin Artz Hours Sainte genevieue High
BNF Latin 9471 Sainte genevieve Unranked
Trinity College B.11.31 Sainte genevieve High
Houghton Lat 423 Sainte guenieve High
Walters W.96 Sancte geneuieue High
Morgan Library MS M.141 Sante geneuieue High
Les Enluminures BOH 102 Sce geneuieue High
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat. 33 Se geneiueue Unranked
Vaud P Ch√Ęteau de La Sarraz H 50 Se geneuieue High
Houghton Typ 32 Se geneviefue Normal
BNF Latin 18014 Se genevieve High
Houghton Lat 160 Se. geneivefue Normal
BNF Latin 1183 Se. Genevieve Normal
Houghton Lat 249 Ste geneivefue Normal
BNE Vitr/24/1 Ste geneuiefue High
Turnbull MSR-02 Ste geneviefve High
British Library Yates Thompson 3 S[e] geneuieue High
Trinity College B.13.11 S[te] geneuiere vierge Oct' S' iehan Normal
Walters W.764 Acht tag Johannis Normal
Vatican Reg.Lat.165 cta sci iohis Normal
Walters W.167 Die oct sunte Johanes Normal worn
ZHB Luzern P 6 (quarto) Johans achter tag Normal
Free Library Lewis E 133 Les oct s' iehan Normal
Walters W.195 Les octaves s iehan Normal
KBR MS II 158 Oc. iohis High
Morgan Library MS M.53 Oc. Scti ioannis euang Normal
BNF NAL 3188 Ocr. Sancti iohannis High
BNF NAL 3120 Oct .S. Johannis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.739 Oct .s. Johis eugliste Normal
Free Library Lewis E 121 Oct .s[ci]. iohannis Unranked
Mediatheque Orleans MS 655 Oct de sainct iehan Normal
Vatican Oct johannis Normal
Houghton Lat 252 Oct s iehan Normal
UPenn MS Codex 1566 Oct s iehan Unranked
BNF Latin 1178 Oct S iehan Normal
Getty Ludwig IX 3 Oct s Iehan Normal
BPL MS q. Med 131 Oct s Johis High
BNF NAL 3213 Oct s' iehan Normal
Morgan Library MS M.116 Oct s' Jehan Normal
Les Enluminures BOH 114 Oct s. Iehan Normal
Goethe MS Lat Oct 119 Oct s. Johan Normal
Walters W.37 Oct s. Johis Normal
BNF Latin 10526 Oct s. Johis apli & ev Unranked
Houghton Lat 253 Oct saint iehan Normal
Walters W.173 Oct saint iehan Normal
BNE Res/191 Oct saint iehan Normal
Smith Ms. 288 Oct saint Jehan Normal
Free Library Lewis E 90 Oct Saint Jehan Normal
BNF Latin 9474 Oct sancti iohannis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.487 Oct sancti iohannis Normal
Vatican Oct sancti iohannis Normal
Bodleian Auct. D inf. 2. 11 Oct sancti iohannis Normal
Hermetschwil Cod. Membr. 35 Oct sancti Iohannis Normal
Getty Ludwig IX 12 Oct sancti iohannis Unranked
Free Library Lewis E 85 Oct sancti iohis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1053 Oct sancti Joh Normal
Houghton Widener 2 Oct sancti Johanis Normal
Houghton Richardson 9 Oct sancti Johannis Normal
British Library Royal MS 2 A XVIII Oct sancti Johannis Normal
Houghton Richardson 34 Oct sancti Johis apli et euangeliste Normal
Jorn Gunther MS-802 Oct sancti Johis eungliste Normal
Vatican Cappon.199 Oct sci iohanis Normal
BPL MS q. Med 89 Oct sci iohannis Normal
BPL MS q. Med 81 Oct sci Iohannis Normal
BNF Latin 9473 Oct sci iohannis Unranked
Beinecke MS 663 Oct sci iohannis Normal
BNE Vitr/25/3 Oct sci iohannis Normal
McGill MS 97 Oct sci iohannis Normal
McGill MS 109 Oct sci iohannis Normal
John Rylands Latin MS 21 Oct sci iohannis Normal
Beinecke MS 657 Oct sci iohannis: Normal
British Library Add MS 18852 Oct sci iohis Normal
Getty Ludwig IX 18 Oct sci iohis Normal
Vatican Chigi.D.V.71 Oct sci iohis Normal
BaselUni AN VII 45 Oct sci iohis Normal
McGill MS 154 Oct sci iohis Normal
BNE Mss/881 Oct sci iohis Unranked
British Library Add MS 61887 Oct sci iohis apli Normal
NLS MS 21000 oct sci iohis apli Normal
BNF NAL 3209 Oct sci iohis euangliste Normal
Walters W.292 Oct sci iohis euuageliste Normal
Morgan Library MS M.227 Oct sci Joannis High
Vatican Oct sci Johannis Normal
Bodleian Bodl. 850 Oct sci Johannis Normal
St. Gallen Cod. Sang. 470 Oct sci Johannis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1033 Oct sci Johis Normal
BNF Latin 1173 Oct sci Johis High
Biblioteca Roma Vitt.Em.39 Oct sci Johis Normal
Trinity College B.11.7 Oct sci Johis apli Medium
Morgan Library MS M.99 Oct sci Johis euugeliste High
State Library of Victoria Rares 96.R66HB Oct scti iohis apli Normal
Morgan Library MS M.187 Oct Scti Joanis eua Normal
Walters W.439 Oct scti Johannie Normal
Houghton Richardson 7 Oct St Ieh Ste geneviefue Normal
Clermont bibliotheque MS 2258 Oct sxi iohis Unranked
Houghton Typ 275 Oct s[ti] Ioha[n]ni eva Normal
Mediatheque Aurillac MS 2 Oct' .s. iohan Normal
Free Library Lewis E 108 Oct' de saint iehan Normal
Arsenal MS-1185 Oct' S iehan eug Normal
Galdiano RG 14429 Oct' S' iehan Normal
Mediatheque Roubaix MS 006 Oct' s' iehan Normal
Vatican Ross.66 Oct' s' iehan Normal
Arsenal MS-426 Oct' s' iehan Normal
Walters W.186 Oct' S' Johannis Normal
University of Edinburgh MS 42 Oct' s' Johannis Normal
Free Library Lewis E 87 Oct' s. iohannis Genouefe vir Normal
Free Library Lewis E 109 Oct' sainct iehan Normal
Vatican OCt' sancti ioannis Normal
Mediatheque Orleans MS 138 Oct' sancti iohannis Normal
Trinity College B.11.22 Oct' sancti iohannis Normal
Vatican Ross.120 Oct' sancti iohannis apli & euag Normal
Cambridge MS Dd.4.17 Oct' sancti iohinnis Normal
Bodleian Bodl. 113 Oct' sancti iohis Normal
Beinecke Takamiya MS 100 Oct' sancti iohis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1054 Oct' sancti Johanni Normal
Clermont bibliotheque MS 2262 Oct' sancti Johannis Unranked
British Library Kings MS 9 Oct' sancti Johis Normal
BPL MS q Med. 276 Oct' sci ihois Medium
Real Biblioteca MS II/2104 Oct' sci iohannes Normal
Utopia Cod. 105 Oct' sci iohannis Normal
British Library Egerton 3044 Oct' sci iohannis Normal
Walters W.176 Oct' sci iohis Normal
Utopia Cod. 104 Oct' sci' iohannis Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-14 Oct' scti iohanis Unranked
Houghton Lat 250 Oct. s iohan Normal
Bodleian Buchanan e.3 Oct. s. Jehan Normal
Utopia Cod. 109 Oct. saint iehan Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-15 Oct. saint iehan Normal
BNF Latin 1202 oct. sancti iohannis Normal
Walters W.194 Oct. sancti Johannis Normal
Walters W.90 Oct. sci iohannis Normal
Corpus Christi MS 540 Oct. sci iohis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.361 Oct. sci Johanni[s] Normal
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat. 34 Oct. scti ioh Geouefe v[ir]g Normal
UPenn Ms. Codex 1056 Oct.s.iehan Normal
BNF Latin 1403 Oct.s.iehan Normal
Goethe Ms Lat Oct 107 Octa .S. Jehan Normal
Walters W.181 Octa .s. Johannis Normal
AARome BX2080.A2 B65 Octa ioannis Normal
Galdiano IB 15503 Octa iohannis Normal
Vatican Octa iohis Normal
Walters W.184 Octa Johanis Normal
Walters W.188 Octa S ian Normal
BNE Vitr/24/2 Octa s' iohannis Normal
Clermont bibliotheque MS 1526 Octa sancti iohanis Unranked
Vatican Ross.110 Octa sancti iohannis Normal
Walters W.420 Octa sancti iohis High
Walters W.469 Octa sancti iohis Normal
University of Barcelona Ms. 1841 Octa sancti iohis euagle Normal
BNF Latin 757 Octa sca iohis evangliste High
British Library Yates Thompson 29 Octa sci ioannis evangeli Normal
UPenn Codex 688 Octa sci Ioannis evangle Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1083 Octa sci iohanis Normal
Ballarat MS. Crouch 2 Octa sci iohannis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.57 Octa sci iohannis Normal
Walters W.185 Octa sci iohannis Normal
BNE Res/149 Octa sci iohannis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.315 Octa sci iohis High
Houghton Typ 553 Octa sci iohis Normal
Vatican Chig.C.IV.111 Octa sci iohis Normal
BNE Vitr/22/2 Octa sci iohis Normal
British Library Yates Thompson 6 Octa sci iohis High
Houghton Typ 463 Octa sci iohis Normal
Vatican Ross.98 Octa sci iohis Normal
Galdiano IB 15454 Octa sci iohis euagli Normal
Vatican Ross.105 Octa sci iohis euangle Normal ink fading
Vatican Ross.91 Octa sci Iphanis Normal
Walters W.322 Octa sci Johanis Normal
BNF Latin 1352 Octa sci Johannis Normal
NYPL Spencer 49 Octa sci Johannis Normal
McGill MS 98 Octa sci Johannis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1052 Octa sci Johis High
Walters W.325 Octa sci Johis Normal
Free Library Lewis E 115 Octa sci Johis Normal
Vatican Octa sci Johis Genouefe v[ir]ge Normal
Morgan Library MS M.56 Octa scti ioanis euan Normal
Vatican Ross.103 Octa scti iohis Normal
British Library Egerton 1146 Octa scti Johannis ewn[te] Normal
BSB Clm 23639 Octa S[ti] Ihoannis Normal
British Library Yates Thompson 23 Octa s[ti] Iohannis Normal
Vatican Octa. Sci Iohannis Euag Normal
British Library Add MS 36684 Octabas sancti iohannis Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-8 Octabas sci iohannis Unranked
Morgan Library MS M.700 Octau Sancti Iohannis High
Morgan Library MS M.14 Octaua .s. Ioannis High
Bodleian Douce 40 Octaua Ioannis ewa Normal
Vatican Octaua iohanis Normal
British Library Sloane 2683 Octaua iohannis Normal
Walters W.169 Octaua iohannis Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-17 Octaua s Johannis Unranked
Wellesley MS 29 Octaua S. iohanis Normal
British Library Add MS 50002 Octaua sancti ioannis Normal
Vatican Ross.65 Octaua sancti iohanis Normal
Clermont bibliotheque MS 76 Octaua sancti iohannis Normal
University of Edinburgh MS 39 Octaua sancti iohannis Medium
Bryn Mawr MS 21 Octaua sancti johanis Normal
British Library Egerton 2781 Octaua sancti Johannis Normal
Free Library Widener 3 Octaua sancti Johannis Normal
British Library Harley 2915 Octaua sancti Johannis Normal
Galdiano IB 15512 octaua sci ioanis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.305 Octaua sci Iohan euang[te] Normal
Morgan Library MS G.14 Octaua sci iohanis Normal
Free Library Lewis E 100 Octaua sci iohanis Normal
Fordham MS 3 Octaua sci iohanis Normal
Cleveland Art 1963.256 Octaua sci iohanis Normal
Bodleian Douce 93 Octaua sci iohannis Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-4 Octaua sci iohannis Normal
Arsenal MS-569 Octaua sci iohannis Normal
Library of Wales MS 15537C Octaua sci iohannis Normal
Cambridge MS Ff.6.8 Octaua sci iohannis Normal
Vatican Ross.94 Octaua sci iohis Normal
Beinecke MS 806 Octaua sci iohis Normal
Walters W.328 Octaua sci iohis Unranked
Free Library Lewis E 120 Octaua sci Johannis Normal
Free Library Lewis E 206 Octaua sci Johannis Normal
Vatican Octaua sci Johannis Normal
Walters W.326 Octaua sci Johannis Normal
British Library Yates Thompson 7 Octaua S[i] Ioannis Normal
Trogen Kantonsbibliothek CM Ms. 7 Octaue S' iehan Normal
Walters W.165 Octaue s' Janeror[]de[] Normal name damaged
LCP MS 24 Octaue s' Jehan Normal
UDel MSS 95, Item 31 Octaue s' Jehan Normal
BNE Vitr/25/5 Octaue s. Jehan Normal
Temple MSS 133 Octaue saint iehan Normal
Free Library Lewis E 134 Octaue sante iohan Normal
Free Library Lewis E 91 Octaue sint ians Normal
Queens College MS 50 Octaue sinte ians ewag Normal
Houghton Typ 303 Octaue sinte iohanes Normal
British Library Add MS 35318 Octaues .S. Iehan Normal
Walters W.86 Octaues s' Jehan Normal
Walters W.105 Octav' sancti Johannis apli Normal
BNE Mss/176 Octava .S. Joan Evangel Normal
Houghton Lat 161 Octava iohannis Normal
Vatican Cappon.218 Octava iohannis Normal
British Library Add MS 54782 Octava S ioha[n]is Normal
BPL MS q. Med. 137 Octava s iojis Normal
BNF NAL 3210 Octava S Johannis Normal
Vatican Ott.Lat.2919 Octava S' Johis euugl Normal
Walters W.190 Octava s Johannis Normal
Walters W.437 Octava sancti ioannis Normal
Library of Congress Rosenwald ms. 10 Octava sancti Ioannis Normal
BNF Latin 10558 Octava sancti ioannis Normal
Houghton Typ 51 Octava sancti iohan Normal
British Library Harley MS 2985 Octava sancti iohannis Normal
British Library Add MS 35313 Octava sancti iohannis Normal
Houghton Lat 132 Octava sancti iohannis euuang Normal
British Library Add MS 50001 Octava Sancti Johannis Normal
Houghton Richardson 8 Octava sci iohains Normal
Bibliotheque de Geneve Comites Latentes 54 Octava sci iohanni Normal
Walters W.183 Octava sci iohannis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.493 Octava sci iohannis Normal
Walters W.767 Octava sci iohannis High
Morgan Library MS M.311 Octava sci iohis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.80 Octava sci Joanis Normal
Goethe Ms Lat Oct 110 Octava sci Johanis Normal
British Library Add MS 38126 Octava sci Johannis Normal
Houghton Typ 213 Octava scti iohannis Normal
Bibliotheque de Geneve Comites Latentes 124 Octava S[i] Johannis Euan[te] Normal
Walters W.189 Octava van sente Ja Normal
British Library Yates Thompson 13 Octavar[um] Iohannis Normal
British Library Stowe 17 Octavas sans iohan Medium
Walters W.192 Octave ian evang Normal
Vatican Octave s' iehan Normal
Walters W.193 Octave s' iehan Normal
Goethe Ms Germ Oct 32 Octave s' iehan Normal
BNF Latin 924 Octave s. iehan Normal
Walters W.88 Octave saint iehan Normal
BNE Vitr/24/10 Octave saint iehan Normal
Morgan Library MS M.92 Octave sancti iohannis euangl Normal
Trinity College B.1.46 Octave sinte Johannes Normal
Houghton Richardson 10 Octaves de saint Jehan Normal
Memorial University BX 2080 A2 1500 Vault Octaves saint iehan Normal
British Library Add MS 20927 Oct[ava] S. Iohannis Evangeliste Normal
Free Library Lewis E 117 Otta sci iohis High
Walters W.782 S iohans octave Normal
UPenn MS Codex 738 S iohans octave Normal
Vatican Ross.70 Sancte Johannes Octaue Normal
Houghton Typ 21 Se geneuieue Normal
BSB HSS CGM 84 Sunte iohanes achtedach Normal
University of Glasgow Hunter 512 Vtas of seit John euagelist Normal
Vatican Borg.183 Oct' s' ieha High
Vatican Ross.106 Octaua innocentum Normal wrong date, 4th