Saint: Swithun, bishop (of Winchester), confessor (Translation)

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
British Library Yates Thompson 13 July 15 T[ra]nsl[ati]o swithum epi Normal
British Library Add MS 61887 July 15 T[ra]nsl[aci]o sci swithum Normal
British Library Harley MS 2985 July 15 Swichini epi Normal
British Library Royal MS 2 A XVIII July 15 Tnsl sancti Swithum epi Medium
British Library Add MS 54782 July 15 Translaci[o] swithimi Normal roman wrong, Ides, no 18th-Kandes-August
Trinity College B.11.7 July 15 Tnslo sci Swithuni soc[]q[ue] ei[us] [con]f Medium
British Library Add MS 50001 July 15 Transl' s' swituni socior[um] High
Houghton Richardson 34 July 15 Tnslacio sci Swithumi socior[um] q[ue] eius epor[um] Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1033 July 15 Tnslacio sci swithum Normal
Morgan Library MS M.487 July 15 Traslacio scti swithini Normal
Galdiano IB 15503 July 15 Swithuni epi High
Cambridge MS Dd.4.17 July 15 Tnslaco sci swithun Normal
British Library Egerton 2781 July 15 Sancti swithumi soc[um] eius Normal
British Library Sloane 2683 July 15 Translatio swithuni Normal
Houghton Widener 2 July 15 Translacio sci swythuni Normal
University of Glasgow Hunter 512 July 15 Tnslacion of S swithin bisch & cof Normal
Bodleian Auct. D inf. 2. 11 July 15 Tnslato s swirthi soc Normal
McGill MS 97 July 15 Tnslacio zwithini Normal
McGill MS 98 July 15 Transl. Sci swithini epi Normal
Jorn Gunther MS-802 July 15 Tnslo sci swithini epi Medium
University of Edinburgh MS 39 July 15 Translacio sci swithuni epi Medium
Beinecke Takamiya MS 100 July 15 Tnslo sci swithuni socor[um] q[ue] eius Normal
Bodleian Bodl. 850 July 15 Tns.s. Swythuni Normal
Free Library Widener 3 July 15 Translatio zwichini epi Normal
Library of Wales MS 15537C July 15 Tnsl[o] zwithini epi Normal
British Library Harley 2915 July 15 Translacio s. swicutu socior[um] High
Cambridge MS Ff.6.8 July 15 Tnsl sci zwithini epi Normal
Swithun, bishop (of Winchester), confessor (Translation)

St. Swithun in an aspect of blessing from the Benedictional of St. Æthelwold, bishop of Winchester between 963-984. Now BL MS Add 49598

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