Saint: Swithun, bishop (of Winchester), confessor

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
State Library of Victoria Rares 96.R66HB July 2 Scti swithini epi Normal
Morgan Library MS G.50 July 2 Sci swithini epi Normal
University of Glasgow Hunter 512 July 2 S swythin bischop Normal
McGill MS 97 July 1 Swithini epi Normal wrong date, 2nd
Houghton Richardson 34 July 2 Scor[um] processi et martiniani mr[um] Sci Swithuni epi Normal
Jorn Gunther MS-802 July 2 Scor[um] p[ro]cessi & mar Sci swithi Normal
Swithun, bishop (of Winchester), confessor

St. Swithun is represented in this physicians almanac as a hunting-horn above a bishop's mitre. It appears on July-2 in this physicians almanac, MB Harley MS 2332, to represent his memorial, not the more common Translation July-15.

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