Saint: Claudius and companions

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
BPL MS q. Med 82 July 8 S claude High
BNF NAL 3093 July 8 Claudi, nichostrati, simphoriani mr Unranked
BNF Latin 1158 July 8 Saint claude Normal
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat. 34 July 8 Claudii et nicostrati mr[um] Normal "strate mr" wrapped
BNE Vitr/24/1 July 8 Saint claudin Normal
BNF NAL 3055 July 8 Saint claude Normal
British Library Add MS 35318 July 8 S. Claudian Normal
Bodleian Douce 62 July 8 Saint claude Normal
Utopia Cod. 101 July 8 saint claude Normal
BNF Latin 1183 July 8 s. procope s. glaude Normal

Distribution of Entries by Date

Distribution of Entries by Rank