Saint: Philip (the Deacon)

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
Houghton Typ 1000 June 6 Philippo uno di & diaconi Normal
Houghton Typ 275 June 6 S. Philippi diaconis Normal
Walters W.192 June 6 Philips dyake Normal
Morgan Library MS M.315 June 6 Phylippi conf Normal
Library of Congress Rosenwald ms. 10 June 6 Philippi ex 7 diaco Normal
BPL MS q. Med 81 June 6 Philippi [con]f Normal
Houghton Typ 614 June 6 Philippi confess Normal
BNF NAL 3210 June 6 Philippi confess[or] Normal
Morgan Library MS M.14 June 6 Philippi un[us] de & diac Normal
Walters W.90 June 6 Philippi conf Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1054 June 6 Philippi conf Normal
Utopia Cod. 105 June 6 Phillippi conf Normal
Galdiano IB 15512 June 6 philippi diaconi Normal
NYPL Spencer 49 June 6 Sci philippi epi Normal "Ultim[us] ti[us] pentecosten" in red
Bodleian Douce 40 June 6 Philippi diacoi Normal
ZHB Luzern P 6 (quarto) June 6 Philip ewu[er] Normal
Queens College MS 50 June 6 Philips dyaken Normal

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Distribution of Entries by Rank