Saint: Clare, virgin (Translation)

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
Smith Ms. 288 October 2 Saincte clare vierge Normal
Houghton Typ 275 October 2 Translatio sce clara Normal
British Library Add MS 20927 October 2 Translatio S Clare virg Normal
Morgan Library MS G.14 October 2 Translatio sce clare v[ir]ginis Normal
BNF NAL 3120 October 2 Translatio .s. clare Normal
Morgan Library MS M.187 October 2 Translatio sce clare v High
Getty Ludwig IX 18 October 2 Trasl clare Normal
Vatican October 2 Translatio .S. Clare Vir High
Walters W.176 October 2 Tnslato clare Normal
BNF Latin 1173 October 2 Clare virg Normal
KBR MS II 158 October 2 Trasl. clare High
BaselUni AN VII 45 October 4 Translatio .V. clare High "scti franc" in later hand; clarewrong date, 2nd
Vatican Ross.110 October 2 Translacio sce clare High

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Distribution of Entries by Rank