Saint: Gaugericus, bishop (of Cambrai), confessor (sometimes martyr)

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
Walters W.88 August 11 Sait geri veske & [con]f High
Walters W.190 August 11 Gaugerici episcopi Normal
Walters W.193 August 11 Saint gery Normal reading unclear
Goethe Ms Lat Oct 107 August 11 Sainct gery Normal
Morgan Library MS M.116 August 11 Saint gery Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1053 August 11 Gaugerici Normal
Vatican Ott.Lat.2919 August 11 Gaugerici epi et confess Normal
Vatican August 11 Gaugerici epi Normal
Arsenal MS-1185 August 11 S' gery euesque High
Beinecke MS 663 September 15 Nicomedis martiris Normal
Real Biblioteca MS II/2104 August 11 Gaugerici epi conf Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-4 August 11 Geugerici conf Normal
British Library Add MS 36684 August 11 Tyburtii m[arti]ris Baugerici Normal
Trinity College B.13.11 August 11 S' tyburs mr S' geri euesq & cof Normal

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