Saint: Francis, confessor (Impression of the stigmata)

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
Houghton Typ 275 September 17 Stygmata sci franci Normal
British Library Add MS 20927 September 17 Stigmata bti Francisci High
Vatican Chig.C.IV.111 September 17 Festu stigmatu sci francisci Normal
Morgan Library MS G.14 September 17 Impssio stigmatii bti francisci High
Morgan Library MS M.187 September 17 Stigmata bti fracisci High
Vatican September 17 Stigmata beati Francisci High
British Library Add MS 50002 September 17 Festum sacroru stig bti francisci High
NYPL Spencer 49 September 17 Imp[re]ssio sac[o]r[um] stigmatu bti fracisci Normal "Sol i..." in red, last word trimmed
KBR MS II 158 September 17 Stigmatu fracis High "fracis"wrapped dow
Vatican Ross.110 September 17 Festu stimatu bti francisci Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-17 September 17 Festu sac[ro]ru st[ig]mtu s fracisci Unranked
Francis, confessor (Impression of the stigmata)

St Francis Receiving the Stigmata, painted by Domenico Veneziano 1445-1450. Originally at the main altar of St. Lucia de. Magnoli, Florence, it is now in the National Gallery of Art.

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