Saint: Martial, bishop (of Limoges)

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
Goethe MS Lat Oct 119 July 3 S' marcial High
Galdiano RB 6 July 3 Saint martin Normal
Galdiano RG 14429 July 3 Saint marcial High
Free Library Lewis E 90 July 3 Saint marcial High
BNF Latin 18021 July 3 Sainct Marcial Normal
BNF Latin 1178 July 3 S martial High
UDel MSS 95, Item 31 July 3 S' martinien Normal
Mediatheque Orleans MS 777 July 3 Sainct marcial Normal
BM Rouen M 315 July 3 Saint marcial High
Vatican July 1 Martialis epi Normal wrong date, 1st

Distribution of Entries by Date

Distribution of Entries by Rank