Date: January 17

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Calendar Entry Rank Notes
Houghton Typ 731 Missing
Morgan Library MS M.700 Empty
Walters W.184 Empty
Morgan Library MS M.1089 Empty
Bibliotheque de Geneve Comites Latentes 54 Empty
Walters W.86 Empty
Utopia Cod. 103 Empty
University of Missouri Rare Vault BX2080 .A2 1470z Missing
Free Library Lewis E 88 Missing
BNE Vitr/24/2 Empty
Galdiano RB 7 Empty
Beinecke MS 657 Empty
Cambridge MS Dd.4.17 Empty
Morgan Library MS H.4 Empty
Clermont bibliotheque MS 76 Empty
Walters W.105 Empty
BM Rouen M 315 Missing
Jorn Gunther MS-802 Empty
Vatican Ross.103 Empty
Vatican Ross.105 Empty
Houghton Lat 161 Empty
Walters W.39 Empty
British Library Add MS 54782 Empty
Cambridge MS Ff.6.8 Marcelli Normal wrong date, 16th
Walters W.181 Marcelli ppe Normal wrong date, 16th
Vatican Anthoini abbatis High
Galdiano IB 15503 Anthoini abbis Normal
BNF Latin 1368 anthoni Unranked
Phil MOA 1945-65-14 Anthoni Unranked
McGill MS 97 Anthoni abb Normal
Houghton Typ 51 Anthoni abbatis Normal
Hermetschwil Cod. Membr. 35 Anthoni abbatis High
Clermont bibliotheque MS 2258 Anthoni abbis Unranked
ZHB Luzern P 6 (quarto) Anthoni Abt Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-4 Anthoni conf Normal
BNF Latin 1202 Anthoni confess Normal
Beinecke MS 663 Anthoni confessori[s] Normal
Vatican Ott.Lat.2919 Anthoni monachi Normal
Walters W.764 Anthoni peithtiger Normal
Vatican Anthoni [] abb Normal
BNF Latin 9474 Anthonii Normal
Getty Ludwig IX 18 Anthonii ab Normal
Vatican Anthonii ab Normal
Walters W.176 Anthonii ab Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1053 Anthonii ab Medium
British Library Add MS 18852 Anthonii abb Normal
BNF NAL 3209 Anthonii abb Medium
Houghton Lat 132 Anthonii abb Normal
Vatican Cappon.199 Anthonii abb Normal
BNF Latin 1173 Anthonii abb High
Vatican Ross.94 Anthonii abb Normal
McGill MS 109 Anthonii abb Normal
John Rylands Latin MS 21 Anthonii abb Normal
University of Edinburgh MS 42 Anthonii abb Normal
Vatican Anthonii abbat Normal
Bodleian Douce 40 Anthonii abbat Normal
Walters W.169 Anthonii abbat Normal
Houghton Richardson 9 Anthonii abbatis High
British Library Add MS 35313 Anthonii abbatis Normal
Houghton Richardson 8 Anthonii abbatis Normal
BNF NAL 3120 Anthonii abbatis High
BNF Latin 10558 Anthonii abbatis Normal
Vatican Cappon.218 Anthonii abbatis Normal
Walters W.183 Anthonii abbatis Normal
Walters W.190 Anthonii abbatis Normal
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat. 367 Anthonii abbatis Normal
Walters W.292 Anthonii abbatis Normal
Real Biblioteca MS II/2104 Anthonii abbatis Normal
Vatican Anthonii abbatis Normal
Clermont bibliotheque MS 2262 Anthonii abbatis Unranked
Utopia Cod. 104 Anthonii abbatis High
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat 32a Anthonii abbatis Normal
Vatican Ross.65 Anthonii abbatis High
Arsenal MS-569 Anthonii abbatis Normal
Getty Ludwig IX 12 Anthonii abbatis Unranked
Free Library Widener 3 Anthonii abbatis Normal
Bryn Mawr MS 27 Anthonii abbatis Normal
Cleveland Art 1963.256 Anthonii abbatis Normal
Wellesley MS 29 Anthonii abbatis Normal
Bryn Mawr MS 21 Anthonii abbatis Normal
BPL MS q Med. 276 Anthonii abbatis Medium
Vatican Ross.120 Anthonii abbatis & Suspicii Normal
Morgan Library MS M.57 Anthonii abbis Normal
BPL MS q. Med. 137 Anthonii abbis Normal
Walters W.186 Anthonii abbis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.493 Anthonii abbis Normal
BNE Res/149 Anthonii abbis Normal
Free Library Lewis E 85 Anthonii abbis High
Mediatheque Orleans MS 138 Anthonii abbis Normal
McGill MS 98 Anthonii abbis Normal
McGill MS 154 Anthonii abbis High
Phil MOA 1945-65-8 Anthonii abbis Unranked
Bibliotheque de Geneve Comites Latentes 124 Anthonii abbitis High
British Library Add MS 38126 Anthonii abbiti[s] Medium
Walters W.194 Anthonii conf Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1054 Anthonii confe Normal
Free Library Lewis E 100 Anthonii confessoris Normal
St. Gallen Cod. Sang. 470 Anthonii confessoris Normal
Houghton Typ 614 Anthonii martir Normal
Goethe Ms Lat Oct 110 Anthonii monachi Normal
Walters W.185 Anthonii monachi Normal
Bodleian Douce 93 Anthonii monachi Normal
BNF NAL 3210 Anthonii mris Normal
Clermont bibliotheque MS 1526 Anthonii [con]f Unranked
Walters W.437 Anthonii [con]fessoris Normal
Walters W.192 Anthoniis manie Normal
Trinity College B.1.46 Anthoniis monit Normal
British Library Kings MS 9 Anthonini abbatis Normal
British Library Add MS 36684 Anthonini monachi Normal
Walters W.167 Anthonis monie Normal
Walters W.188 Anthonius abt Normal
BSB HSS CGM 84 Anthonius abt Normal
Queens College MS 50 Anthonius abt Normal
Houghton Typ 303 Anthonius monic Normal
Vatican Ross.70 Anthonius monick Normal start 1v
Walters W.782 Anthonius monit Normal
Free Library Lewis E 91 Anthonius [con]fessoer High
KBR MS II 158 Anthonn High
Walters W.165 Anthonns monick Normal
British Library Egerton 1146 Anthony confessoris Normal
Beinecke MS 806 Antoni abb Normal
British Library Add MS 20927 Antonii Abbatis High
British Library Yates Thompson 29 Antonii abbatis Normal
Library of Congress Rosenwald ms. 10 Antonii abbatis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.315 Antonii abbatis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.80 Antonii abbatis High
BNF Latin 1352 Antonii abbatis Normal
BNE Mss/176 Antonii abbatis High
Morgan Library MS M.56 Antonii abbatis Normal
BNF Latin 9473 Antonii abbatis Unranked
Galdiano IB 15454 Antonii abbatis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.53 Antonii abbatis High
AARome BX2080.A2 B65 Antonii abbatis High
Vatican Ross.110 Antonii abbatis High
Walters W.328 Antonii abbatis Unranked
BPL MS q. Med 89 Antonii abbis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.739 Antonii abbis Normal "Bnedict picdicato[rum]" later hand
BNF Latin 10526 Antonii abbis Unranked
Walters W.37 Antonii abbis & [con]f Normal
Corpus Christi MS 540 Antonii abbis Sulpicii High
University of Barcelona Ms. 1841 Antonii abbtis Normal
Utopia Cod. 105 Antonii conf High
Morgan Library MS M.14 Antonii mona Normal
Vatican Antonii monachi Normal
Houghton Typ 463 Antonii [con]f High
BNF NAL 3188 Antonin conf & abbis High
British Library Sloane 2683 Antonini abbatis Normal
Walters W.90 Antonini monachi Normal
Houghton Typ 1000 Antonio Monacho High Not sure on Saint, unclear 'Monacho' vs abbat
UPenn MS Codex 738 Antonius monic Normal
Walters W.439 Antonnii abbatis Normal
Vatican Reg.Lat.165 ci antonii abbis High
Bodleian Canonici Liturgical 277 In egipad antonii mon Unranked
BNF Latin 1178 S anthoine Normal
KB Thott 541 [quarto] S anthoni Normal
Houghton Lat 250 S anthonie Normal
Smith Ms. 288 S anthonie abbe Normal
UPenn MS Codex 1566 S antoen Unranked
Houghton Typ 32 S antoine Normal
BPL MS q. Med 82 S antoine Normal
University of Glasgow Hunter 512 S antony Normal
British Library Yates Thompson 3 S' anthoine Normal
BNF NAL 3213 S' anthoine High water damage
Trogen Kantonsbibliothek CM Ms. 7 S' anthoine Normal
Vatican Ross.66 S' anthoine Normal
Arsenal MS-1185 S' anthone [con]fesse Normal
Goethe Ms Germ Oct 32 S' anthonie Normal
BNE Vitr/25/5 S' anthonie Normal
Walters W.189 S' anthonis Normal
Trinity College B.13.11 S' anthonne moisne Normal
Utopia Cod. 108 S' antoine Normal
Galdiano RG 14429 S' antoine Normal
Mediatheque Roubaix MS 006 S' antoine Normal
Vatican Borg.183 S' athonie High
Les Enluminures BOH 102 S't anthoine Normal
Goethe MS Lat Oct 119 S. Anthonie Normal
BNE Vitr/24/3 S. anthonie Normal
Bodleian Douce 62 S. antoine S. souplice High
British Library Add MS 50002 S. Antonii abbatis High "Sole[m]ne gnalit" in red
BNF Latin 18021 Saict Anthoine Normal
British Library Add MS 35318 Sainct Anthoiae Normal
BNF Latin 1171 Sainct anthoine Normal
Vatican Sainct anthoine Normal
Free Library Lewis E 109 Sainct anthoine Normal
Mediatheque Orleans MS 777 Sainct anthoine Normal
Houghton Lat 133 Saint anthoene Normal
Turnbull MSR-02 Saint anthoine Normal
Walters W.195 Saint anthoine Normal
Morgan Library MS S.9 Saint anthoine Normal
Free Library Lewis E 90 Saint anthoine Normal
Free Library Lewis E 133 Saint anthoine Normal "mon cher ..." in later hand
Free Library Lewis E 108 Saint anthoine abbe Normal
Memorial University BX 2080 A2 1500 Vault Saint anthoine confes Normal
Utopia Cod. 101 saint anthoine .s. suplice Normal
Walters W.193 Saint anthone Normal
BNF NAL 3055 Saint anthone Normal
Houghton Lat 160 Saint anthonie Normal
Houghton Lat 249 Saint anthonie High
Houghton Lat 253 Saint anthonie Normal
Houghton Lat 423 Saint anthonie Normal
Les Enluminures BOH 114 Saint anthonie Normal
Vatican Saint anthonie Normal
Morgan Library MS M.116 Saint anthonie Normal
BNE Vitr/24/1 Saint anthonie Normal
Mediatheque Orleans MS 655 Saint anthonie High
BNE Res/191 Saint anthonne Normal
Temple MSS 133 Saint anthonne Normal
Utopia Cod. 100 Saint anthoyne Normal
Houghton Lat 252 Saint antoine Normal
British Library Add MS 18850 Saint antoine Normal
BNF Latin 9471 Saint antoine Unranked
BNF Latin 1158 Saint antoinne Normal
Walters W.173 Saint antone Normal
Getty Ludwig IX 3 Saint Antone abbeit Normal
Walters W.88 Saint antone abbet Normal
BNE Vitr/24/10 Saint antonne Normal
Goethe Ms Lat Oct 107 Sanct anthonie abbe Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-17 Sancti Anthoni abbatis Unranked
British Library Harley 2915 Sancti anthonini abb & conf Normal
Trinity College B.11.22 Sancti antonii abbatis et conf Normal
British Library Yates Thompson 23 Sancti Antonii abbis Normal
Vatican Ross.106 Sancti antonii abbis Normal
Free Library Lewis E 134 Sante anthoni[us] confesor Normal
British Library Stowe 17 Sa[n]s antone le moine Normal
British Library Add MS 50001 Sci anthoni abb & conf Normal
BaselUni AN VII 45 Sci anthonii abatis Normal
Galdiano IB 15512 Sci Anthonii abbat High
Free Library Lewis E 206 Sci Anthonii abbatis High
Vatican Ross.91 Sci Anthonii abbatis High
Morgan Library MS M.361 Sci anthonii abbis Normal
Biblioteca Roma Vitt.Em.39 Sci antnoii abbis High
NLS MS 21000 Sci antoni Normal
BNE Vitr/22/2 Sci antoni abb Normal
Morgan Library MS G.14 Sci antoni abbatis Normal
British Library Yates Thompson 6 Sci antoni abbatis & [con]f High
Morgan Library MS W.29 Sci antoni abbis High
Morgan Library MS M.227 Sci Antonii abb Normal
Vatican Ross.98 Sci antonii abb Normal
British Library Yates Thompson 7 Sci Antonii Abb & cof High
Morgan Library MS M.99 Sci Antonii abbat Normal
Fordham MS 3 Sci antonii abbati Normal
Walters W.420 Sci antonii abbatis High
Ballarat MS. Crouch 2 Sci antonii abbatis Normal
Houghton Typ 553 Sci antonii abbatis High
Morgan Library MS M.305 Sci Antonii abbatis High
Vatican Sci Antonii Abbatis High
Walters W.322 Sci Antonii abbatis High
Free Library Lewis E 120 Sci Antonii abbatis High
Free Library Lewis E 121 Sci Antonii abbatis & cof Unranked
Morgan Library MS M.311 Sci antonii abbatis & [con]f High
Walters W.326 Sci Antonii abbatis & [con]f Normal
BNF Latin 757 Sci antonii abbis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1083 Sci antonii abbis High
BPL MS q. Med 131 Sci antonii abbis Normal
Walters W.767 Sci antonii abbis Normal
Vatican Chig.C.IV.111 Sci antonii abbis Normal
Free Library Lewis E 115 Sci Antonii Abbis Normal
Free Library Lewis E 117 sci Antonii abbis Normal
Vatican Chigi.D.V.71 Sci antonii abbis High
Walters W.325 Sci Antonii abbis & [con]f Normal
NYPL Spencer 49 Sci Antonini abbis Normal "An die p[ri]sce n depomitur alle" in red, wrapped down
Morgan Library MS M.1052 Sci. Antonii abbis High long text starting "solle[m] negn[ri]aliter.."
UPenn Codex 688 Scte Antonii abbat High
Morgan Library MS M.187 Scti Antonii abbatis High
Houghton Typ 213 Scti antonii abbis Medium
BSB Clm 23639 S[i] Antonii abbi Normal
BNF Latin 1183 s. souplice Normal
BNF Latin 1168 Sainct sulplice Normal
BNF Latin 1156B Saint souplice Normal
Morgan Library MS M.141 Saint souplice Normal
Trinity College B.11.31 Saint soupplis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1033 Sci sulpicii epi Normal
Morgan Library MS M.92 Speosippi & eleosippi m Normal
Morgan Library MS M.729 Suplicii epi Normal "Sol in aquarum" in blue
BNF Latin 18014 S soupplice Normal
Utopia Cod. 102 S sulpice High 2 posible
Utopia Cod. 111 S Supplice Normal
BNF Latin 1403 S supplis Normal
UDel MSS 95, Item 31 S' souplis S' Anthoine Normal
Vaud P Ch√Ęteau de La Sarraz H 50 S' soupplice Normal
LCP MS 24 S' sulpis S' anthone Normal
Free Library Lewis E 110 S' supplice Normal
Houghton Richardson 10 S' surplis et S' anthoyne Normal
Houghton Lat 159 S. soupplice Normal
Bodleian Bodl. 850 S. Sulplicii Normal
Houghton Lat 251 S. Suplice. S. anthonie Normal
BNF Latin 924 s. suplis s. anthonyne Normal
Utopia Cod. 109 Saint souplice Normal
BNE Vitr/24/7 Saint souplice Normal
Walters W.96 Saint souplice Normal
British Library Egerton 1070 Saint souplice Normal
Cleveland Art 1964.40 Saint souplice Normal
Houghton Typ 21 Saint souplice Normal
Mediatheque Aurillac MS 2 Saint souplis Normal
Bodleian Buchanan e.3 Saint souplis Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-12 Saint souplis Normal
Free Library Lewis E 92 Saint soup[re]ice Normal
UPenn Ms. Codex 1056 Saint sulpice Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-15 Saint supice High
Galdiano RB 6 Saint suplisce Normal
Oberlin Artz Hours Saint supplice Normal
Arsenal MS-426 Saint supplice Normal
Morgan Library MS M.487 Sancti sulpicii epi Normal
Houghton Widener 2 Sancti sulpicii epi Normal
University of Edinburgh MS 39 Sancti sulpicii epi et conf Normal
Bodleian Bodl. 113 Sancti sulpicii epi et conf Normal
British Library Egerton 2781 Sancti sulplihii epi & con Normal
British Library Royal MS 2 A XVIII Sancti Suplici epi & [con]f Normal
Houghton Richardson 34 Sancti Suplici epi Sci Antonii confess Normal
Morgan Library MS G.50 Sci sulpicii epi Normal
Bodleian Auct. D inf. 2. 11 Sci sulpicii epi & cof Unranked
British Library Add MS 61887 Sci sulpicii epi & [con]f Normal
Trinity College B.11.7 Sci Sulpicii epi & [con]f Normal
Beinecke Takamiya MS 100 Sci suplici epi Normal
Houghton Richardson 7 St suplice Normal
Library of Wales MS 15537C Sulpicii epi Normal
British Library Yates Thompson 13 Sulpicii epi & conf Normal
BNE Virt/23/10 Sulpicii epi & [con]f Unranked
Free Library Lewis E 87 Sulpicii epi et conf Genulphi epi High
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat. 34 Sulpicne [con]f antho[i] Normal
BNF NAL 3093 Suplicii epi et confessoris Unranked
BPL MS q. Med 81 Suplicii epi Anthonii mr Normal
British Library Harley MS 2985 Supliscii epi Normal
BNE Vitr/25/3 Supplici e[pi] anthonii abb Normal
British Library Egerton 3044 Supplicii epi & conf Normal
Vatican Supplicii epi et conf Normal
Walters W.469 Prisce v Normal wrong date, 18th
Houghton Typ 275 S P[ri]sce virg et ma[rtyr] Normal wrong date, 18th
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat. 33 S' prince Unranked
State Library of Victoria Rares 96.R66HB Sce prisce virginis Normal wrong date, 18th