Saint: Arnulph, bishop (of Tours), martyr

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
BNF Latin 924 July 18 s. arnoul Normal
BNF Latin 1202 July 18 Arnulphi epi Normal
UPenn Ms. Codex 1056 July 18 S.arnoul Normal might be other arnulph
British Library Yates Thompson 13 July 18 Arnulphi reg & mr Normal
British Library Add MS 61887 July 18 Sci arnulphi epi & mris Normal
British Library Royal MS 2 A XVIII July 18 Sancti Arnulphi epi Normal
Trinity College B.11.7 July 18 Sci Arnulphi epi & mris Normal
BNF Latin 1156B July 18 Saint ernoul Normal 2 possible
BPL MS q. Med 81 July 18 Arnulphi epi Normal 2 possible
Walters W.105 July 18 Sancti arnulphi Normal "Sol in leone" in brown; two possible saints

Distribution of Entries by Date

Distribution of Entries by Rank