Saint: Nicetius, bishop (of Lyon), confessor

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
BNF Latin 924 April 2 s. nicey Normal
Houghton Lat 252 April 2 Saint nicyer Normal
University of Barcelona Ms. 1841 April 2 Niceni epi Normal
BNF NAL 3209 April 2 Nicem archiepi lugd Normal
Morgan Library MS M.187 April 2 S. Niceti epi Normal
Goethe Ms Lat Oct 110 April 2 Nicetii epi Normal
Getty Ludwig IX 18 April 2 Nichasii epi Normal
Vatican Ross.70 April 2 Nicecius biscop Normal
Bodleian Douce 93 April 2 Nicetii episcopi Normal
Arsenal MS-426 July 18 Saint arnoul Normal heavily damaged
Queens College MS 50 April 2 Nycesius bisscop Normal

Distribution of Entries by Date

Distribution of Entries by Rank