Saint: Ten thousand martyrs

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
UPenn MS Codex 738 June 22 Tiendusent maitelers Normal
Walters W.420 June 22 Decin miliurin mrin Normal
Walters W.437 June 22 Dete miliu mrm Albini mr Normal
Walters W.192 June 22 X[m] martelaren Normal
Walters W.188 June 22 XM martelaren Normal
Walters W.782 June 22 Tien dusent mr Normal
BPL MS q. Med 82 June 22 Les x[m] mrirs Normal
Goethe Ms Lat Oct 110 June 22 Dece milia mrm Normal
Vatican Cappon.199 June 22 x. miliu mrm Normal
Walters W.183 June 22 Xij[m] martyrum Normal as 12,000
Walters W.185 June 22 Decem miliu mrm Normal
Vatican June 22 Dece miliu mrm Normal
BNF Latin 9473 June 22 Dece milia militum Unranked
Free Library Lewis E 88 June 22 Decem miliu mrm Normal
BNE Vitr/24/1 June 22 X.m martyrs Normal
Vatican June 22 Decem milium mr Normal
Free Library Lewis E 91 June 22 X[m] marteleeren Normal
Vatican Ross.70 June 22 X dusent martelers Normal
Bodleian Douce 93 June 22 Decem mulliu mrm Normal "Paulini epi et co[n]fs" in later hand, wrapped
British Library Add MS 35318 June 22 Les dix mille mar Normal
Free Library Lewis E 134 June 22 X dusent mertelar Normal
British Library Egerton 1146 June 22 Decem milia mrm Normal
ZHB Luzern P 6 (quarto) June 22 Dy xm[o] martrer Normal
AARome BX2080.A2 B65 June 22 Decem miliu mrm Normal
Vatican Ross.66 June 22 Les martirs Normal
Queens College MS 50 June 22 X dusent martelaren Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-8 June 21 Decem milia martirum Unranked wrong date, 22nd
Wellesley MS 29 June 22 Dece miliu mrm Normal
Houghton Typ 303 June 22 Tien dusent martelaren Normal start 5r
BNF Latin 1352 June 22 Paulini epi & [con]f Scor[um] dece milium m Normal
BSB HSS CGM 84 June 22 Albinus mr & dusent mr High
Ten thousand martyrs

Woodblock print of the Martyrdom of the 10,000, by the epynomous master. c. 1450

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