Saint: Domitilla (Flavia), virgin, martyr

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
Houghton Typ 1000 May 7 Domicilia virgie e M Normal
University of Barcelona Ms. 1841 May 5 Domicile v Normal wrong date, 7th
BPL MS q. Med 89 May 7 Flauie virginis Normal reading unclear
Utopia Cod. 105 May 7 Flauie uirginis Normal
BNE Vitr/25/3 May 7 Flauie u[ir]ginis Normal
Vatican Chigi.D.V.71 May 7 Sce donnitelle uirgis & mris sci Juliani mris Normal
BNF NAL 3213 May 7 S'e domicille Normal
ZHB Luzern P 6 (quarto) May 5 Domitilla Junck Normal wrong date, 7th

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