Saint: Victor, martyr

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
Houghton Lat 161 May 8 Victoris mr Normal
Goethe MS Lat Oct 119 May 8 S. victor Normal
British Library Stowe 17 May 8 S victor Normal
British Library Harley MS 2985 May 8 Victoris martius Normal
British Library Add MS 35313 May 8 Victoris martiris Normal
Morgan Library MS M.57 May 9 Victoris m Normal wrong date, 8th
BPL MS q. Med 81 May 8 Victoris mr Normal
Houghton Typ 614 May 8 Victoris mris Normal
BNF NAL 3210 May 8 Victoris martisi Normal
BNF NAL 3209 May 8 Victoris mr Normal
Morgan Library MS M.739 May 8 Victoris & fortunati Normal "Stanislaui epi & mrs" later
Walters W.90 May 8 Victoris mr Normal
Walters W.193 May 7 Saint victor Normal wrong date, 8th
Morgan Library MS M.1054 May 8 Victoris mris Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1053 May 7 Victori Normal wrong date, 8th
Vatican Ott.Lat.2919 May 8 Victoris martyr Normal
Utopia Cod. 109 May 8 Saint victor Normal
Utopia Cod. 105 May 8 Vittoris mris Normal
BNE Vitr/24/7 May 5 Saint victorin Normal wrong date, 8th
BNE Vitr/25/3 May 8 Victoris confessoris Normal
BNE Vitr/24/10 May 7 Saint uictor Normal wrong date, 8th
BNE Vitr/25/5 May 7 S' uictor Normal wrong date, 8th
Galdiano IB 15503 May 8 Victori mris Normal
BNF Latin 10526 May 8 Uictoris m. Unranked
Vatican May 8 Sainct victorin Normal
UDel MSS 95, Item 31 May 8 Sainct victor Normal
Walters W.764 May 8 Victor martrer Normal
Walters W.326 May 9 Sancti Victoris m & epi Normal wrong date, 8th
Houghton Typ 213 May 8 Apparatio scti michaelis archangeli Victoris M Medium "Victoris M" wrapped
Morgan Library MS G.14 May 8 Apparitio sci michael Et sci victoris High
Victor, martyr

St. Victor in the center of a dome mosaic found in the chapel of San Vittore in ciel d'oro in Sant'Ambrogio in Milan.

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