Saint: Tryphon, Respicius and Nympha, martyrs

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
BNF Latin 757 November 10 Scorum m tiphoni et respitii Normal
British Library Add MS 18852 November 10 Triphonis & respicii Normal
Houghton Typ 275 November 10 S. Trisoni cum É. Normal second part too worn
Walters W.420 November 10 Tryphonis Normal
British Library Add MS 20927 November 10 Triphonis, Respicii & Nymphe M Normal
BNF Latin 9474 November 10 Triphonis Normal
Walters W.322 November 10 Sci trifonis & soc m Normal first letter indistinct
Morgan Library MS M.311 November 10 Scor[um] m triphonis respicii & niphe v Normal
Morgan Library MS M.315 November 10 Triphonis respitii & niphcani Normal
Morgan Library MS M.57 November 10 Triphois respicii & niphe mr[um] Normal
Library of Congress Rosenwald ms. 10 November 10 Triphonis cum septem sociis Normal
Morgan Library MS G.14 November 10 Scor[um] mr[um] t[ri]fonis respici & sce niphe v & m Normal "niphe v & m" wrapped
BNF NAL 3120 November 10 Sancti Triphonis Normal
BPL MS q. Med 131 November 10 Sor[um] Triphonis & Respicii & Niphe v Normal
Vatican Reg.Lat.165 November 10 cor[um] m t[ri]phonis respicii & niphe m Normal
BNF Latin 10558 November 10 Triphonis, respicii, et nymphe Normal
Morgan Library MS M.14 November 10 Triphoni cu soc Normal
Morgan Library MS M.53 November 10 Tripdonis mar Normal
Getty Ludwig IX 18 November 10 Triphois res Normal
Walters W.195 November 10 Saint triphon Normal
Vatican November 10 S. Mar Trifonis & Respici Normal
Walters W.767 November 10 Scor[um] m triphonis & respicii Normal
BNF Latin 9473 November 10 Triphonis & respicii mr[um] Unranked
British Library Add MS 50002 November 10 S. triphonis respitii & nymphe Normal
BNE Vitr/22/2 November 10 Sci triphonis .m. Normal
Free Library Lewis E 120 November 10 Scor[um] m triphonis respicii & niphe Normal
Vatican Chigi.D.V.71 November 10 Scor[um] mr[um] triphonis respicii & nyphe virginis Normal
Bodleian Douce 40 November 10 Trifonis et socior[um] Normal
KBR MS II 158 November 10 Triphonis Normal
Mediatheque Roubaix MS 006 November 10 Saint triphon Normal
Fordham MS 3 November 10 S nymphe m Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-4 November 13 Triphoni mr Normal wrong date, 10th
Beinecke MS 806 November 10 Triphonis respitii & nimphe v Normal
Vatican Ross.110 November 10 Trifonis et respecii m Normal
Walters W.326 November 10 S m Triphonis Respicii & Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-17 November 10 Scor[um] mrr[um] t[ri]phonis respicii & e Unranked
Tryphon, Respicius and Nympha, martyrs

Depiction of St. Tryphon on the reverse of a denarius of king Ludwig I of Hungary, minted between 1370-82

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