Saint: Exuperius, bishop (of Toulouse), confessor

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
BNF Latin 924 September 28 s. exsupere Normal
Houghton Typ 1000 September 28 Exuperi uescouo Normal
Library of Congress Rosenwald ms. 10 September 28 Exuperii episcopi & conf Normal
BPL MS q. Med 81 September 28 Exuperii epi Normal
Morgan Library MS M.14 September 28 Exuperi epi Normal
Walters W.90 September 28 Exuperii epi & conf Normal
Houghton Typ 51 September 28 Exuperii Normal
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat. 367 September 28 Exuperii Normal
Utopia Cod. 108 September 28 S' suspire Normal Interesting french translation
British Library Yates Thompson 3 September 28 S' spire Normal
Vatican September 28 Sainct erupere Normal
British Library Egerton 3044 September 28 Exuperii epi Normal
Bodleian Douce 40 September 28 Exuperii epi Normal
Wellesley MS 29 September 28 Exuperii epi Normal
Houghton Typ 303 September 28 Exeuperius bisscop Normal

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Distribution of Entries by Rank