Saint: Sigismund, king (of Burgundy), martyr

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
Vatican Chig.C.IV.111 May 2 Sci sigismondi m Normal
Morgan Library MS M.53 May 2 Sigismondi regis Normal
Houghton Typ 51 May 11 Sigismundi Normal possibly from May 2 (or 1)
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat. 367 May 2 Sigismundi re High
Vatican May 2 Sigismundi Normal
BNE Vitr/22/2 May 2 Sci sigismundi m Normal
Galdiano IB 15512 May 2 sigismondi regis Normal
Free Library Lewis E 206 May 2 Sci sigismundi regis Normal
Bodleian Douce 40 May 2 Sigismundi Regis Normal
Walters W.764 May 2 Sigmund Kunig Normal
ZHB Luzern P 6 (quarto) May 2 Sigismund kunig Normal
Vatican Ross.105 May 2 Sigismundi regis Normal
Vatican May 2 Sigismundi regis Normal
Sigismund, king (of Burgundy), martyr

Reliquary of the head of St. Sigismund given to P?ock Cathedral by Casimir III the Great c. 1370

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