Saint: Timothy, martyr

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
Houghton Typ 1000 August 22 Timoteo eli co[m]pagni Normal
Houghton Lat 160 August 21 Sainct tymothee Normal wrong date, 22nd
British Library Stowe 17 August 22 S tymotheyn Normal
British Library Add MS 18852 August 22 Thimothei Normal
British Library Yates Thompson 13 August 22 Thimothei soc mr Normal
British Library Add MS 38126 August 22 Thymothei apli Normal
Houghton Typ 275 August 22 S. Timothei hippolyti Normal
Walters W.437 August 21 Thimothei mr Normal wrong date, 22nd
British Library Add MS 20927 August 22 Timothei Hippolyti & Symphoriani Normal "riani" wrapped, and 477.
British Library Yates Thompson 7 August 22 Sci Timothei et socior[um] M Normal
British Library Yates Thompson 29 August 22 Timothei hippo Normal
Bodleian Canonici Liturgical 277 August 22 Timothei & Simphor Unranked
BNF Latin 9474 August 21 Thimotee Normal wrong date, 22nd
Getty Ludwig IX 3 August 22 Saint Timothieu Normal
Houghton Typ 213 August 21 Sctor[um] M thimothei ypoliti & simphoriani Normal Wrong dates, all 22nd
BNF Latin 1156B August 21 Saint timothe Normal wrong date, 22nd
Walters W.188 August 22 Thymotheeus apost Normal
Walters W.292 August 22 Tymothei & ypoliti mr[um] Normal
Morgan Library MS M.56 August 22 Timothei hypoliti Normal
Vatican Chig.C.IV.111 August 22 Scor[um] nr[um] timothei ypoliti & sim-phoriani Normal
BNF Latin 1168 August 22 Sainct thimote Normal
Bodleian Buchanan e.3 August 22 Saint thimote Normal
Library of Congress Rosenwald ms. 10 August 22 Timothei Hippoliti & Eleazari Normal Eleazer wrong date, 23rd
Morgan Library MS G.14 August 22 Scor[um] mr[um] timothei ypoliti & simphoriani Normal
Houghton Lat 133 August 22 Sait thimotim Normal
BPL MS q. Med 131 August 22 Sor[um] Tyothei, ypoli & Sipho[r]iani m Oct bte M[e] V[ir] Normal
BNF Latin 1352 August 22 Tymothei ypoliti & syphoriai m Oct sce m[e] Normal
Les Enluminures BOH 114 August 21 Saint tymotee Normal wrong date, 22nd
BNF Latin 1171 August 21 Sainct thimothe Normal wrong date, 22nd
Morgan Library MS M.53 August 22 Timothei et hipoliti m Normal
Morgan Library MS M.305 August 22 Sci Thimothei Hypoliti Normal
BNE Mss/176 August 22 Timothei & hipoliti Normal
Vatican Borg.183 August 21 S't thimote Normal wrong date, 22nd
Walters W.181 August 22 Thymothei apli Normal
Les Enluminures BOH 102 August 21 S't tymothe Normal wrong date, 22nd
Trinity College B.1.46 August 22 Thymotheus mr Normal
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat. 367 August 22 Thimothei et si Normal
Vatican August 22 S. Timothei & Hyppolyti Normal
Utopia Cod. 111 August 21 S tymothee Normal wrong date, 22nd
University of Missouri Rare Vault BX2080 .A2 1470z August 22 Thymotei & syphoriai Normal
British Library Add MS 50002 August 21 S. timothei hipoliti & simphoriani Normal
BNE Vitr/25/3 August 22 Thimotei & syphoriai Normal
Galdiano IB 15512 August 22 timothei Normal
BNE Vitr/24/3 August 21 S. thimote Normal wrong date, 22nd
Free Library Lewis E 206 August 22 Scor[um] mr[um] timothei hyppoliti Normal
Free Library Lewis E 85 August 22 Thimotey & siphoria[] Normal second name damaged
BNF Latin 10526 August 22 Tymothei Syphoriani. Unranked
Free Library Lewis E 134 August 22 Sca thimotheus mr Normal
BSB HSS CGM 84 August 21 Thimotheus en symphoriaen Normal wrong date, both, 22nd
Bodleian Douce 40 August 22 Thimotei et Ipoliti Normal
Walters W.167 August 22 Thimotheus ende siphoian Normal
Mediatheque Roubaix MS 006 August 22 Saint thymothe Normal
Utopia Cod. 102 August 21 S timothee Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-4 August 21 Thimothei conf Normal wrong date, 22nd
Vatican Ross.120 August 22 Tymothei Normal
Beinecke MS 806 August 21 Timotei ypoliti & simphoriai m Normal "m" wrapped up, all wrong date, 22nd
Vatican August 22 Timothei & Simphoriani Normal
Vatican August 22 Timothei ypoliti Normal
Wellesley MS 29 August 22 Thymothei & simphoria Normal
British Library Harley 2915 August 22 S thymothei Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-17 August 22 Scor[um] timothei & simphoria Unranked
Morgan Library MS M.92 August 22 [O]ctave sce marie Timotei & simp High 3 possible saints
Walters W.322 August 22 Octa sce m[e] Scor[um] tymothei & soc High
Morgan Library MS M.57 August 22 Octa sce M Timothe & ypoliti mr[um] Normal "mrum" wrapped
Walters W.782 August 22 Octava Thimote[us] en syphoria Normal
Vatican Reg.Lat.165 August 22 cor[um] m ypoliti thimothei & siphotiani & oct s. m[e] Normal
Morgan Library MS M.739 August 22 Octava .s. marie Tymothei & Symphoriani Normal
Trinity College B.13.11 August 22 Oct' nre dame S' timot et siphor[e] Normal
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat. 34 August 22 Oct. be m[e] Tiothei & si Normal possible 3rd name
BNF Latin 9473 August 22 Oct be m[e] v[ir]g Tymotei ypo Unranked
Free Library Lewis E 88 August 22 Oct sci marie Tymothei & sy[] Normal
Free Library Lewis E 87 August 22 Oct assump Timotheu et sim Normal
British Library Egerton 3044 August 22 Oct' s' marie Tymothei & simph' m Normal "m" wrapped down
Vatican Chigi.D.V.71 August 22 oct sce marie scor[um] mr[um] thymothei ypoliti & symphoriani High

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