Saint: Hermes, martyr

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
British Library Add MS 36684 August 28 Hermetis mris Augustini Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1053 August 27 Hermetis Normal wrong date, 28th
Walters W.86 August 28 Saint hermer Normal
Vatican August 26 Sainct herme Normal wrong date, 28th
BNF NAL 3213 August 28 S' hermes Normal
Phil MOA 1945-65-4 August 26 Hermetis mr Normal wrong date, 28th
British Library Add MS 35313 August 28 Augustini & hermetis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.99 August 28 Sci augustini doct & heremi High
Morgan Library MS G.14 August 28 Sci augustini epi & [con]f Et sci hermetis High
Houghton Typ 553 August 27 Sci agustini e[pi] & [con]f & he[r]metis m[r] High wrong date, 28th for both
BPL MS q. Med 131 August 28 Sci Augustini epi & [con]f & S he[r]mete m High
BNF Latin 1352 August 28 Augustini epi & [con]f hermetis m Normal
Vatican Reg.Lat.165 August 28 ci augustini e[pi] & [con]f & emetis m Normal
Morgan Library MS M.739 August 28 Augustini epi Hermetis m Normal
Houghton Richardson 34 August 28 Sancti Augustini epi Sci Heremete mre Medium
Bibliotheque de Geneve MS. Lat. 34 August 28 Augusti ep[i] hmetis Normal
British Library Egerton 3044 August 28 Augustini epi H[er]metis mr[um] Normal
Vatican August 28 Augustini epi Hermetis mr Normal

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