Saint: Julius, pope

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
Houghton Richardson 9 April 12 Julii episcopi Normal
Houghton Typ 213 April 12 Scti iulii pp & [con]f Normal "Sol in thauro"
Walters W.782 April 12 Julius bisscop en conf Normal
BNF Latin 1168 April 12 Sainct iule evesque Normal
Houghton Typ 614 April 12 Julii confessoris Normal
BNF NAL 3210 April 12 Julii pape & confess[or] Normal
BNF NAL 3120 April 12 Julii pape et confess Normal
Les Enluminures BOH 114 April 12 Saint iule Normal
Walters W.190 April 12 Julii episcopi Normal
Utopia Cod. 105 April 12 Julii pape Normal
Free Library Lewis E 100 April 12 Julii epi Normal
British Library Egerton 3044 April 12 Julii epi Normal
Vatican Chigi.D.V.71 April 12 Sci Julii pp & conf Normal
ZHB Luzern P 6 (quarto) April 12 Julius prist Normal
Vatican Ross.66 April 12 Saint iulien Normal
Vatican Ross.120 April 12 Julii pape Normal
Getty Ludwig IX 12 April 12 Julii episcopi Unranked
Queens College MS 50 April 12 Julius paeus Normal
Julius, pope

Pope Julius I in a drawing from a decoration in an unnamed Roman church, now p. 134

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