Saint: Etheldreda, virgin (Translation)

Calendar Entries

Manuscript Date Calendar Entry Rank Notes
British Library Add MS 61887 October 17 T[ra]nsl[aci]o sce etheldrede virgis Normal
British Library Add MS 54782 October 17 Etheldrede Virginis Normal
Morgan Library MS M.99 October 17 Tnslato sce etheldride v[ir]g Normal
British Library Add MS 50001 October 17 Sce etheldrede v[ir] Normal
Morgan Library MS M.1033 October 17 Sce ethedrede virgis Medium
McGill MS 97 October 17 Etheldrede virg Normal
Beinecke Takamiya MS 100 October 17 Translo sce Etheldrede virg Normal
Free Library Widener 3 October 17 Translatio etheldrede v[ir]gis Normal
British Library Harley 2915 October 17 Sancte etheldrede p Normal
Etheldreda, virgin (Translation)

Stone marking the original site of the shrine of St. Etheldreda in Ely Cathedral, which she founded. The shrine was build for her translated remains in 694

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